7 must-watch Passover clips you can stream

Wind down your Passover celebrations by post-gaming some epic TV Seders
South Park takes on the Passover story.

Passover may be ending but there’s still plenty of time to cram in some screen time.

Transparent, Exciting and New

Transparent – Season 3, Episode 10

The Pfeffermans escape their problems on land by taking a cruise together. Though the clan spends most of the cruise apart – venturing on their own journeys of self discovery – they ultimately find themselves coming together at the Seder that almost wasn’t. Watch on Prime Video.

Rugrats, A Rugrats Passover

Rugrats- Season 3, Episode 26

After a series of unfortunate events traps the family in the attic during Seder, Grandpa Boris tells the kids the story of Passover. Watch on Prime Video.

Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Seder

Curb Your Enthusiasm – Season 5, Episode 7

Tension mounts at Larry’s Seder, whose guests include a sex offender and the man suspected of stealing his paper. Watch on Prime Video.

The O.C., The Nana

The O.C. – Season 1, Episode 23

The Cohen family prepares for Seder when Sandy’s mother comes for a visit. Watch on Prime Video.

Gossip Girl, Seder Anything

Gossip Girl – Season 2, Episode 21

What do a rehearsal dinner, a Passover Seder and a surprise wedding have in common? No tradition is sacred. Watch on Prime Video

Family Guy, Family Goy

Family Guy – Season 8, Episode 2

When Lois finds out her mother was a Holocaust survivor, Peter decides to adopt the Jewish faith. Watch on Prime Video

South Park, Jewpacabra

South Park – Season 16, Episode 4

Cartman starts convincing people a mystical blood-sucking from Mexico he calls the Jewpacabra, exists and that the kids and folks of South Park are in danger for the upcoming Easter Egg hunt. Watch on Prime Video.