5 moments when Jewish TV dads were the best


In honor of Father’s Day, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite fictional Jewish dad (and grandad) moments. From Sandy Cohen to Johnny Rose, here are some of the times these TV dads were the absolute best.

When Sandy Cohen encouraged Ryan to dream bigger

Some shows don’t age well. But here’s one fact that has stood the test of time: The O.C.‘s Sandy Cohen was one of the best dad’s on TV. Regardless of the drama, you could always depend on Sandy for wisdom, humor or a hug.

Just like he did with Ryan, Sandy was the kind of dad who believed in you even when you didn’t believe in yourself.

When Hiriam Berry faked an epileptic seizure

Unconventional parenting? Maybe. But Glee’s Hiriam Berry really did anything to protect his daughter Rachel. In this iconic scene, Hiriam needed to do whatever it took to stop Rachel from marrying her high school sweetheart, Finn, before even graduating high school.

When Abe Weissman showed his softer side

Midge Maisel’s father, Abe, is not the sweetest character in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Far from it. But every so often we get some moments where he shows a more caring, softer side underneath his tough exterior. Take, for example, when Midge got her first job:

When Johnny Rose was the best dad to more than just his children

Johnny Rose tugs at our heartstrings throughout the entirety of Schitts Creek. Although fans adored watching Johnny’s relationship with Alexis and David grow, over the course of the seasons it was Johhny’s relationship with Stevie that made us all a little teary-eyed. By the final season, Stevie was like another daughter to him. 

When Schmidt was the ultimate papa bear

Schmidt becomes the best stay-at-home dad in season 7 of New Girl. He’ll do anything for his little girl, Ruth. One of the quintessential scenes that truly describe him as a father is when he picks up Ruth at school and discovers there was a break-in.

When Albert ‘Pops’ Solomon gave the best advice

Pops was the heart of the Goldberg family. Despite his youthful energy, he spent the majority of his time developing a relationship built on trust and confidence with his grandson, Adam. He was also the voice of reason at times when his daughter, Beverly’s, overbearing tendencies got the best of her.

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