5 festive Hanukkah cocktails you can make at home

Let's get lit!
A Hanukkah cocktail featuring an an absinthe Hanukkiah in the background. (Photo: Josh Trachtman/Unpacked)

If there is one thing that can elevate 8 nights of oily food and highly competitive dreidel matches its cocktails. Hanukkah-themed cocktails to be specific (because we are here for going all-out during the holidays.)

Whether you’re hosting a cocktail competition or just want to add a little extra to this year’s festivities, here are 5 delicious cocktails you can make at home to cheers this Hanukkah season!

‘The Old Fashioned Gelt Digger’

A festive take on an old classic: a chocolate orange old fashion. Plus, add some Hanukkah sparkle to your rims for extra Hanukkah pizzaz.

Full recipe and instructions here!

‘Gin and Tonikkah’

Just look at this photo courtesy of cocktail lovers  Sanity Sips. Need we say more!? Plus, paired with a Hanukkiah garnish — chef’s kiss! We can just about guarantee you’ll come out of any cocktail competition a winner (at least in our eyes.)

For a tutorial on how to make this garnish check out Santy Sips highlights on Instagram!

‘The Vodka Gimmel’

This may be the easiest fancy cocktail you’ve ever made! It’s only 3 ingredients and 3 steps to completely up-level your holiday game. Just shake, strain and sip!

Tis the season to be… Jelly!

This cocktail is a boozy take on a classic sufganiyah. It’s based on “a whiskey highball, brown ale and single malt Scotch to mimic the yeasty flavour of the dough, while créme de cassis and sugar bring forth the flavours of the blackcurrant filling,” blogger Nanda Kampark described her cocktail on Instagram. “Refreshing and fruity, with enough depth to make it interesting. L’Chaim!”

The Hanukkah Hjerte

Vodka lover’s — this one’s for you! 

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