12 great Mediterranean finds at Trader Joe’s

Make an extra stop for these tasty and affordable treats.
12 great Mediterranean finds at Trader Joe’s

Want to work more Mediterranean mainstays into your diet? For big flavor that requires little or no prep and will go easy on your bank account, Trader Joe’s is the perfect destination.

1. Turkish apricots

High-quality dried fruit without a ton of added sugar can be hard to find, but these are not your average apricots. Tender, sweet and sun-kissed, these apricots are a wonderful garnish for your fruit or cheese plate.

2. Garlic and herb cubes

Tired of throwing out fresh herbs that go bad in your refrigerator? Grown, picked and frozen at a plant in southern Israel, these frozen garlic and herb cubes will save you both time and money without sacrificing any flavor. Use the crushed garlic to add zip to your salad dressing or sauce – one cube equals one clove of garlic. Pair the chopped cilantro with a ripe avocado and diced red onion for an easy and simple appetizer.

3. Chocolate-covered pomegranate seeds

The product development team at Trader Joe’s appears to be fond of taking anything and covering it in chocolate. We’re not complaining. These chocolate-covered pomegranate seeds will leave you feeling just a tad bit less guilty about taking in your daily dose of dark chocolate.

These chocolate-covered pomegranate seeds taste like candy, but are a tad healthier. (Photo: Leah Davis)

4. Greek yogurt

If you haven’t jumped on the Greek yogurt bandwagon yet, now is the time. Packed with protein, this yogurt is good to keep on hand for a nutritious breakfast that will keep you satisfied throughout your busy morning. Trader Joe’s has an impressive variety that is well-suited to all tastes. Try their Organic Greek Nonfat Yogurt, which is both creamy and tangy.

5. Pita chips with sea salt

It is rare that you find hummus without its best friend, pita. Use Trader Joe’s Pita Chips to dive right into your hummus. Baked to crispy perfection and dusted with a touch of sea salt, you’ll find it difficult to have just one.

6. Israeli feta cheese

Made from the milk of sheep that graze the pastures of Israel, use this light but creamy Israeli feta cheese to pep up a pasta dish or to add depth to a standard dinner. Pair this fabulous feta with bright red tomatoes, crunchy cucumbers, a light drizzle of olive oil and a squeeze of fresh lemon and you’ll have a simple but elegant summer salad.

A feta cheese spread can carry a surprise kick for some of your guests. (Photo: Leah Davis)

7. Dolmas (stuffed grape leaves)

Commonly found in Mediterranean cuisine, dolmas are grape leaves stuffed with rice and herbs. This canned version will keep in your pantry until you find yourself in need of an impromptu party platter.

8. Chocolate croissants

Bummed that your travel plans for this summer fell through? Take a virtual trip to Paris with Trader Joe’s Chocolate Croissants. Flakey, buttery and chocolatey, you can’t go wrong with this sweet and sinful combination. No need to sprint to the corner bakery in your pajamas – keep these on hand for an impromptu brunch treat. Just be sure to set them out the night before to rise.

9. Spanakopita

Delicate, flaky phyllo dough with spinach and feta cheese swirled together, this easily baked-up traditional Greek appetizer is foolproof. Even if you barely know how to operate your oven, you’ll wow your friends with these cute canapés.

Stuffed grape leaves and spanakopita are just of the various Mediterranean foods you can pick up at Trader Joe’s. (Photo: Leah Davis)

10. Olive oil and vinegar

High-quality olive oil and vinegar can make a huge difference in flavoring anything from marinades to salad dressings. Our favorites include the Spanish Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the Extra Virgin California Estate Olive Oil, which have budget friendly price points and a flurry of flavor. Be sure to try the Pomegranate Vinegar, a hard-to-find Mediterranean twist on traditional vinegar that will add a pleasurable pop to your salad or protein.

11. Any variation on hummus that you could possibly dream up

Trader Joe’s hummus is far from ho-hum. You can’t beat the Mediterranean Hummus – simply pop off the top and you’ll have a gorgeously garnished appetizer ready to go. Other favorites include the Tahini-Free Hummus, which has lemony undertones and a wonderfully whipped texture, and the Horseradish Hummus, which has just the right amount of kick.

12. Balela salad

For a filling and healthful option, check out the Mediterranean flavored balela salad, with chickpeas, black beans, tomatoes, lemon juice, onion, garlic, parsley and mint. If you are looking to round out your diet with some plant based protein, this is definitely one for your grocery list.

This balela salad from Trader Joe’s makes a perfect side dish for a light meal. (Photo: Leah Davis)

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